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Are you interested in business in the field spraying foam insulation? Or you are a construction company and thinking about the development of your company? We offer the possibility of cooperation in a business that has a promising future. While we are helping you to offer your customers not only quality insulation and other products, but also an investment that really come back and continue to earn large amounts of money through savings in energy. We offer several variants of cooperation, supply of quality products and raw materials, training and background of a strong emerging groups not only within the EU.

Whether you have a small or a large construction company, you're a freelancer in the construction industry, the company produces construction elements, architect, designer or developer love with you agree cooperation tailored to your needs.

Why work with Honter Company? 

We deliver quality and proven products with more than 30 - year history, we observe delivery dates and we are a reliable business partner. Meet with us and read more about our company.

Growing customer demand for energy-efficient houses and reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling buildings today leads to the search for new kinds of insulation materials and technologies. The great demand makes this a very lucrative industry sectors. We will therefore offer cooperation in the implementation of contracts insulation using modern technology - spray foam insulation HONTER™. It is a high quality and efficient alternative to traditional insulation materials. If you are interested in foam insulation , closer familiarize yourself with our products and technologies that are used for their application. All our products are certified in the European Union, UK, Sweden, and other country.

what We offer to our partners:

  • technical support
  • marketing support
  • dynamic growth
  • teamwork
  • more than 30 years experience
  • all product are certified in EU and have CE mark
  • insulation system that really works  and save money







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